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Derek Comartin

Windsor-Essex .NET Developers

I started a .NET Developers group in Windsor-Essex.  Why? Well first a bit of back story. I first started using .NET with C# around 2003-2004 with .NET 1.1.   At the time I was primary using Linux as my desktop and writing PHP and Python and creating web apps. However, I was required to create a Native Win32 app.  I had used Delphi and Object Pascal just prior but decided to use take the .NET route. Fast forward 13 or so years and I’m still using and for the most part enjoying the ride. OSS A lot has changed in the past 13… Read More »Windsor-Essex .NET Developers

Mediator Pattern with Hangfire

I’ve run into situations where I need to perform actions requested by the client that may take a bit of time.  The length of time could be variable and I don’t want to have the client waiting for a response.  Let’s take a look at using the Mediator Pattern with Hangfire as a solution to this problem. In a Web API scenario, the request may come in as a PUT or POST from the client. The API would validate the request, send the task to a queue and then return the client a 202 HTTP status code. The request has been… Read More »Mediator Pattern with Hangfire

Background Tasks in .NET

It seems like every application I’ve ever written, at some point needs to run a task in the background that is to be scheduled at some point in the future. My need for tasks as reoccurring batch jobs has decreased significantly over the years because of my applications being more event driven. Nowadays, I will often use Event Stores Persistent Subscriptions with my event stream as a queue.  However, I’m not event sourcing all parts of the application and not always using Event Store. If you have any questions, please follow me on Twitter. can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Running… Read More »Background Tasks in .NET