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Derek Comartin

Couchbase Linq Provider

I recently decided to use Couchbase for a personal side project.  The primary reason I chose to use it was because I hadn’t yet.  Simple as that. Again, this is for a personal side project where I try out different technologies.  The second reason was I was interested in N1QL (pronounced “nickel”) which is the Couchbase Server query language. I’m not covering installing the Couchbase server.  if you don’t have a Couchbase server installed, check out the offical docs. Couchbase .NET SDK The most obvious route for accessing a Couchbase server is by using the the official Couchbase .NET Client.  Looking at… Read More »Couchbase Linq Provider

Event Store Persistent Subscriptions Demo

In my previous blog post, I talked about Catch-Up Subscriptions in-comparison to Persistent Subscriptions in Event Store. I’ve been meaning to create a little demo as I didn’t find very much in my limited searching. Specifically, I wanted to create a console app that would contain the subscription client  and another console app (event writer) that would write events to a stream. This way you could run the subscription client multiple times, then run the event writer and see how the events are only received from one subscription client. Source All the source code for this demo is available on GitHub.  Please… Read More »Event Store Persistent Subscriptions Demo

Event Store Persistent Subscriptions

One of the really nice features of Event Store is the Persistent Subscriptions that were implemented in v3.2.0.  I was previously using catch-up subscriptions but needed the ability to have many worker processes handle events from the same stream. First lets take a look at couple of the subscription models Event Store suports. Catch Up Subscriptions As mentioned, I previously would use catch-up subscriptions for various use cases.  One of them would be for sending emails on specific events occurring in the system. A worker process would subscribe to the $all event stream and handle incoming messages accordingly. The issue is that catch… Read More »Event Store Persistent Subscriptions