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Configuring AWS SDK in ASP.NET Core

If you’re using any AWS Services, you’re likely going to be using the AWS SDK via NuGet packages. You don’t need to configure anything to start using the SDK, but there are a few things that can make your life a lot easier. Follow along for a how-to on configuring AWS SDK in ASP.NET Core. AWS CLI Named Profiles The AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) is the first thing you’re going to want to have. Beyond controlling AWS services it allows you to configure credential profiles. Once you have the CLI installed, to configure the default profile simply run and… Read More »Configuring AWS SDK in ASP.NET Core

Practical ASP.NET Core SignalR: Azure SignalR Service

In this section, I’m going to cover how to deal with scaling SignalR by using the Azure SignalR Service. This is a managed service that is an alternative to using the Redis backplane that I’ve described in the previous section. You may want to use this option as it eliminates having to manage your own Redis instance as well as dealing with a load balancers configuration of sticky sessions (client affinity). Everything is all pre-configured for you, and is a fully managed service. This blog post is apart of a course that is a complete step-by-setup guide on how to build… Read More »Practical ASP.NET Core SignalR: Azure SignalR Service

Roundup #35: Startup Hooks, HttpMaster, 7+M req/sec, Pre-Building Services, DockerComposeFixture

Here are the things that caught my eye this week in .NET.  I’d love to hear what you found most interesting this week.  Let me know in the comments or on Twitter. [C#] Have some fun with .net core startup hooks One feature of .net core 2.2 that didn’t catch my mind immediately is the startup hooks. Put simply, this is a way to register globally a method in an assembly that will be executed whenever a .net core application is started. This unlocks a whole range of scenarios, from injecting a profiler to tweaking a static context in a given environment. Link:… Read More »Roundup #35: Startup Hooks, HttpMaster, 7+M req/sec, Pre-Building Services, DockerComposeFixture