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Solution & Project Structure of a Loosely Coupled Monolith

Here’s how you can create a solution and project structure to develop a loosely coupled monolith using a .NET Solution with C# Projects. Each boundary is in a solutions folder with 3 projects. Implementation, Contracts, and Tests. All of which are class libraries. The two top-level executable projects, AspNetCore and Worker are console applications that reference the implementation projects. Loosely Coupled Monolith This blog post is apart of a series of posts I’ve created around Loosely Coupled Monoliths. Loosely Coupled Monolith Overview Thin vs Fat Events YouTube Check out my YouTube channel where I post all kinds of content that… Read More »Solution & Project Structure of a Loosely Coupled Monolith

Migrating to .NET Core: Mission Complete

It’s been over 5 years since I started a greenfield project that initially was developed using Katana/Owin with ASP.NET Web API. Over the past 3 years, since .NET Core 2.0 was released and .NET Standard 2.0 was defined, I’ve been slowly chipping away at migrating to .NET Core. It’s been a long road but we’re now fully migrated and running in production with ASP.NET Core on .NET Core 3.1. Migrating from .NET Framework to .NET Core This blog post is in a series about migrating from .NET Framework to .NET Core. Migrating from .NET Framework to .NET Core Overview Migrating… Read More »Migrating to .NET Core: Mission Complete

Getting Started: Apache Kafka with .NET Core

If you’re interested in playing around with Apache Kafka with .NET Core, this post contains everything you need to get started. I’ve been interested in Kafka for awhile and finally sat down and got everything configured using Docker, then created a .NET console app that contained a Producer and a Consumer. Here’s my complete process of what that involved. YouTube Check out my YouTube channel where I created a video that accompanies this blog post. Docker The first thing you need is to pull down the latest Docker images of both Zookeeper and Kafka. Before we create any contains, first create a… Read More »Getting Started: Apache Kafka with .NET Core