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Moving work Out-of-Process using Brighter and RabbitMQ

Once you start doing in-process request & event dispatching, you’ll soon want to move out-of-process so you can isolate work from the caller/invoker. This is often times the next logical step if you’re using MediatR for commands and especially for events/notifications. Here’s how you can do use the same paradigm for in-process and out-of-process using Brighter and RabbitMQ. YouTube Check out my YouTube channel where I post all kinds of content that accompanies my posts including this video showing you how to move work out-of-process. MediatR For those unfamiliar with MediatR library or the mediator pattern: In software engineering, the mediator pattern defines an… Read More »Moving work Out-of-Process using Brighter and RabbitMQ

Thin vs Fat Integration Events

When notifying other parts of a system of state changes I recommend creating integration events (also referred to as notifications). They are really low coupling because the producer doesn’t care who the consumers are. They simply publish integration events to a message broker and go on their merry way. Loosely Coupled Monolith This blog post is apart of a series of posts I’ve created around Loosely Coupled Monoliths. Although not specific to a monolith as this blog post applies to many architectures including microservices. Loosely Coupled Monolith Overview Solution & Project Structure YouTube Check out my YouTube channel where I… Read More »Thin vs Fat Integration Events

Getting Started: Apache Kafka with .NET Core

If you’re interested in playing around with Apache Kafka with .NET Core, this post contains everything you need to get started. I’ve been interested in Kafka for awhile and finally sat down and got everything configured using Docker, then created a .NET console app that contained a Producer and a Consumer. Here’s my complete process of what that involved. YouTube Check out my YouTube channel where I created a video that accompanies this blog post. Docker The first thing you need is to pull down the latest Docker images of both Zookeeper and Kafka. Before we create any contains, first create a… Read More »Getting Started: Apache Kafka with .NET Core