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Message-IDs for Handling Concurrency

This post serves as a guide for how you can use a Message identification (Message-IDs) on your messages (events and commands) to handle concurrency. This post is in a series related to messaging. The overview is available in my Message Properties post. YouTube If you haven’t already check out my YouTube channel. Message-IDs Each message, regardless of it being an event or a command, should contain a way to identify its specific instance of that message. This is as simple as adding a GUID/UUID to your messages: No other message (event/command) should ever use this ID (unless you’re also using… Read More »Message-IDs for Handling Concurrency

Event Versioning Guidelines

This post serves as a guideline for how to handle versioning for messages, specifically in most cases, events. This Event Versioning Guidelines post is in a series related to messaging. You can find the overview in my Message Properties post. Backward Compatible Generally, adding additional properties to an event will not cause a versioning conflict with the event consumer. Meaning if we have a contract that defines the shape of our event, as long as we don’t break that contract, the existing event consumers will be able to process our new event and will ignore the additional properties. Also, if… Read More »Event Versioning Guidelines

Message Naming Guidelines

As with many things in software development, naming can be difficult. The name of a message can be incredibly important which is why naming of your messages should be taken with consideration. This post is to be used for message naming guidelines with dos and don’ts based on my prior experiences of the good, the bad, and the ugly. This blog post is in a series related to messaging.  You can find the overview in my Message Properties post. YouTube If you haven’t already, check out my YouTube channel where I’m covering this blog post in video form. Commands vs Events Commands and Events are the types of messages I generally deal with within a system. We need to differentiate… Read More »Message Naming Guidelines