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Roundup #72: Succinct C#, IHostedService Shutdown Timeout, try-convert, Coupling, Cohesion, and Microservices

Writing More Succinct C# When looking at a lot of C# code nowadays, I find myself thinking “wow, that code could be made SO MUCH SMALLER!”. C# is a very flexible language, allowing you to write clean and functional code, but also very bloated code. Link: Extending the shutdown timeout setting to ensure graceful IHostedService shutdown I was seeing an issue recently where our application wasn’t running the StopAsync method in our IHostedService implementations when the app was shutting down. It turns out that this was due to some services taking too long to respond to the shutdown signal. In this post I show… Read More »Roundup #72: Succinct C#, IHostedService Shutdown Timeout, try-convert, Coupling, Cohesion, and Microservices

Roundup #71: C# Source Generators, MsQuic, CoreBoy, Channels

Introducing C# Source Generators We’re pleased to introduce the first preview of Source Generators, a new C# compiler feature that lets C# developers inspect user code and generate new C# source files that can be added to a compilation. This is done via a new kind of component that we’re calling a Source Generator. Link: MsQuic is Open Source Microsoft is open sourcing our QUIC library, MsQuic, on GitHub under an MIT license. MsQuic is a cross-platform, general-purpose library that implements the QUIC transport protocol. QUIC is being standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). MsQuic is a client and server solution optimized for… Read More »Roundup #71: C# Source Generators, MsQuic, CoreBoy, Channels

Roundup #70: Coyote, DetectDuplicates, YARP, .NET 5, Lambda?

Coyote: Making it easier for developers to build reliable asynchronous software For developers, writing bug-free software that doesn’t crash is getting difficult in an increasingly competitive world where software needs to ship before it becomes obsolete. This challenge is especially apparent with online cloud services, which are often dictated by aggressive shipping deadlines. Cloud services are distributed programs comprising multiple back-end systems that continuously exchange asynchronous signals while responding to incoming web requests. They are complex by nature, hard to get right, and require protection from failures that could jeopardize client data or halt key services. Link DetectDuplicates A… Read More »Roundup #70: Coyote, DetectDuplicates, YARP, .NET 5, Lambda?