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I’ve started a YouTube channel last year to provide some video content to many of my blog posts.  I’ve never really mentioned it on this blog, which seems crazy.  Primarily these are .NET Video Tutorials as well as recorded talks that I’ve done at various conferences. Please take a look and subscribe if this is up your alley.  I plan on providing regular content on YouTube as well as continuing to do so on this blog.  Video just seems like a natural extension to provide content that is generally on this blog.

Popular Videos

How to Self Host ASP.NET Web API

Not everyone is able to migrate their applications to ASP.NET Core.  Many are not even aware that you can self-host a WebAPI project with Katana (Owin).  You can, here’s how!

Fat Controller CQRS Diet Series

My series of blog posts have backing tutorials to view.  As well as a talk around the overall concept.

Everyone Love Cake!

One of the first videos I’ve made was getting started with Cake for automating your build process.


I’m always looking for suggestions.  If you have any questions or suggestions for video tutorials or blog posts please let me know on Twitter or in the comments.  Over the years I’ve gotten some create feedback and it’s very appreciated.
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