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Blame yourself!

Came across a great blog post titled “Stop Blaming the System!” by Jurgen Appelo.  This really relates to my Status Quo post.  Stop blaming the system or using excuses like “that’s the way it is”.  Processes and systems were put in place by people to solve a specific problem.  Companies, processes, practices, and requirements all evolve and change.

When you recognize a constant pain point try and find a solution.  Just don’t let it go by as “that’s just the way it is”.  Take responsibility.

Agile and Beyond 2013

Jim Benson (@ourfounder), author of Personal Kanban, was the keynote speaker at this years Agile and Beyond conference.  Overall, I had a great time again this year and found the sessions I attended to be very insightful and reaffirmed some of my opinions.

One little thought I wanted to share was from Jim Benson’s keynote:

Velocity is the single most useless number invented by human beings.

Effort points are estimates.  Guesswork.  The velocity metric is a calculation of that guesswork.

We took something as inherently variable as an estimate and we gave it an integer value.

I thought this was pretty amusing when I really started to think about it.