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Self Host ASP.NET Web Api as a Windows Service

In my previous blog I demonstrated how to Self Host ASP.NET Web API, which was a very basic console application leveraging Owin and Katana. The next step in this series is how to turn your console application into a Windows service. If you have any questions, please follow me on Twitter. Video If you prefer a video tutorial, here is one I published to YouTube outlining a similar example as on this post. can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Creating a Windows Service with Topshelf ( Windows Service Template The typical way to create a Windows Service is by using… Read More »Self Host ASP.NET Web Api as a Windows Service

How to Self Host ASP.NET Web Api

Over the past several months, I’ve talked to a few people that were completely unaware that you could self host ASP.NET Web Api application without the need for IIS. Anyone who has worked with IIS knows that sometimes it can feel a bit heavy.  Especially if you not using any other features other than serving static content or executing your ASP.NET Web Api. There are a couple important aspects to cover first which are what makes self hosting possible. If you have any questions, please follow me on Twitter. OWIN OWIN defines a standard interface between .NET web servers and web applications. The… Read More »How to Self Host ASP.NET Web Api

Event Stream as a Message Queue

I was recently having a discussion around a system being built using Microsoft Azure.  Some concepts being discussed for this system where CQRS, Event Sourcing and Message Queue. The diagram below is fairly typical when discussing CQRS and Event Sourcing. One of the first things that stood out to me was the use of the Message Queue and Azure Service Bus. For this blog post, I want to focus on the Service bus, which is used for publish-subscribe pattern.  The domain will emit events that are stored to the event stream and then will be published to the Service Bus.  Subscribers, such as… Read More »Event Stream as a Message Queue