Roundup #14: NuGet Source Repo Link, RESTful API Guidelines, Async/Await, High Perf .NET

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Here are the things that caught my eye this week.  I’d love to hear what you found most interesting this week.  Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.
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NuGet Source Repository Link

Small but really useful feature.  You can specify RepositoryUrl and RepositoryType in your csproj.  For example:

Zalando RESTful API and Event Scheme Guidelines

Zalando’s software architecture centers around decoupled microservices that provide functionality via RESTful APIs with a JSON payload. Small engineering teams own, deploy and operate these microservices in their AWS (team) accounts. Our APIs most purely express what our systems do, and are therefore highly valuable business assets.
This is an extensive guideline.  I don’t agree with some of them but regardless, always interesting to read and digest what others are doing. Link:

Async and Await

I’ve seen a bit of chatter this week related to Async/await and landed on this blog post from several years ago by Stephen Cleary.  It’s probably one of the best overviews of really getting how async/await works.  If you’re still unsure how to use async/await, I highly recommend reading. Link:

Writing High-Performance Code in .NET

Come and hear some tales from the trenches on building highly scalable services with .NET powering various Bing services. The good, the bad, and the ugly! In this talk, we’ll focus on best practices to build high performance code, to instrument the code for deep analysis, and how to use various tools to help achieve your performance goals and drive down costs.
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