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Test Driven Development + Domain Driven Design = Behavior Driven Development Although it isn’t anything new (coined 6+ years ago), it doesn’t seem to be as mainstream in terms of buzzword/awareness.  BDD is often referred to as TDD done right.  Meaning that TDD is about guiding design and not just about having a regression suite.  In DDD, there is the concept of ubiquitous language, which is about using the business vocabulary in the code base. Dan North is the man behind BDD, check out his intro. Or if you prefer video, here is a Google Tech Talk with Dave Astels.

1 thought on “TDD + DDD = BDD”

  1. Sorry, just pinging in qulkicy at work so cant really provide a thorough comment.But to qulkicy get my thought out, I always think Alt.Net would be better served as being Alt.Theory and Alt.Practice. DDD, TDD, BDD, KanBan, SCRUM, Automated Builds, Continuous Integration etc..these are things (great things) that are platform agnostic. You can use them whether you’re writing code in Java or for .Net.Even more important is the mantra always improve yourself, strive for the best .again agnostic.And for me this defines what makes an Alt.Net practitionerThen are things like NHibernate, Nant, Rhino Mocks .these are tools (great tools), and one could say they are the tools of the trade, but merely using them does not an Alt.Net’er make. Don’t get me wrong, serious Alt.Net’ers and well respected developers in the community will be using these tools for sure. I suppose what I’m saying is (to me) the value is in the reasoning behind using such tools, not the tools themselves.

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